Paper Submission

Submit your full paper electronically in .doc or .docx format via email attachment to or click here

How to Send Papers

Respected researchers, while observing paper writing format, can send their paper of their latest scientific, research, applied and review findings in accordance with the conference pillars as follows to the secretariat.

You should first create an account (personal control panel) via signing up in our website as initial registration, then enter your page (user’s page) and send your paper via the menu of “Send your paper”.

  • Papers’ language can be in both Persian and English languages (papers written in English are preferred)
  • The overall framework of papers should include six parts of abstract, introduction, purpose, method, conclusion and references.
  • Papers should be in the range between 6000 and 7000 words.
  • Papers’ subject, authors’ name and abstract must be sent in English.

Paper Files

The conference users’ system receives two files from respected researchers:

The Doc or Docx file of your full paper (the paper abstract and full text) along with the conference heading.

- The PDF file of your paper, which is exactly the converted file from its Doc version.


  • The person registering the paper would be considered the corresponding author (owner of panel).
  • Receiving tracking code confirms the success of sending and registering your paper. This code would be sent to the user’s email address.
  • Sending your file is possible only one time and after reviewing your paper, any changes in your sent file are impossible.
  • Respected researchers should consider that only papers with high scientific quality are selected to be lectured (It is suggested to send your paper in English).
  • Those students and researches who need to receive the reviewing results of their papers sooner than the time of announcing reviewing results of paper, while sending their papers as soon as possible, can send an email message containing their paper code through their user’s panel and apply for early reviewing to be considered. For these persons, the reviewing results would be announced up to 10 days after sending their papers.