About the Conference

The International Conference on Engineering and Information Technology is held by the Culture and Technology Research Center on May 22, 2017 in Dubai to extend and expand the boundaries of knowledge and scientific exchange and share the latest scientific, research and industry achievements.

The use of technology in today’s world guarantees the continued survival of an organization’s activities, and in particular can increase profits in all stages significantly. The event is held according to the macro goals and visions of development in the IT field, with the aim of understanding, assessing achievements and technological advances, and providing the existing capabilities as well as analyzing challenges facing extending the use of these technologies.

The conference secretariat intends to present the latest scientific achievements in various fields of engineering and information technology by making keynote speeches and holding technical-scientific meetings.

All researchers, engineers and specialists at universities, research institutes and industries in fields related to topics of the conference are invited to send their scientific papers in order to increase the scientific richness of this international event.